I’m super excited for you to try this drawing!  It’s such a great joy to be able to share this with you.

We love seeing finished drawings!  Post a picture of your drawing to Instagram using the hashtags: #kopiathehappychicken #kopialine

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Grab your writing utensils and get ready to be creative!  You can use whatever you like with this drawing page:

"Köpialine drawing books are a screen-free, self-guided activity that builds confidence & develops creativity"
  1. Why try the “colored pencil experiment” (0:25)
  2. 1 drawing rule you need to follow to become a better artist (1:05)
  3. How to shade with colors  (1:45)
  4. When to bring black into your drawings (2:28)
  5. How to add style, texture, and flair to your drawings. (2:40)
  6. How to discover what you actually like about drawing (3:05)
  7. What happens when you try drawing pictures WITHOUT using lines. (3:25)
  8. 8. The one drawing secret that lets you depict anything, including turning 2D objects into 3D ones (3:35)

Make Every Page Your Own

Kopiographic images are meant as a starting point. Use your own imagination and creativity to personalize your drawings with your own unique style.

Here are just a few examples of how the same image can be made unique depending on own individuality.

Kopiography Dwarf Köpialine Kopiagraphic

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