Free Activities

Drawing with Köpia is a unique experience that we want to share with everyone who is interested in it! We believe drawing is fun, creative and most of all, valuable.

Download, print, draw, share!

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Free Father's Day Card
download . print . draw
Free Mother's Day Card
A hand-drawn card is always a Mother’s Day win!
Easter At-Home Activity

Easter 2021 is upon us, and what fun we can have searched for those fun-coloured eggs hidden away in the yard and around the house!

This lovely little hare is delightfully playing the game of easter and has accumulated her fair share of delights.

Come draw with us this easter!

Valentine's Day Activity For 2

Our drawing pages are usually limited to one page.

This Valentine’s day, we made two pages that join together to symbolize a coming together of love.

Which page are you?

Perhaps you are both! Glide down the canal with these two sweethearts and enjoy the waterways and lovely landscapes.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thank You Page

Hang this your window and let your essential workers hear your gratitude.

The Happy Chicken

Try a full-page illustration with The Happy Chicken page!

Halloween Fun!

This Halloween will be different to others but it doesn’t have to be without creativity!