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The perfect activity when sitting around the picnic table or on a rainy day in the RV.

Feature Drawing Page

Hours of drawing fun for a mere $2.00 $1.00

Our Feature Page highlights a page from our collection and challenges you to get creative & make it your own.  All ages and skill levels are invited to participate.

Plus, if you take a picture of your finished page and send it to [email protected] OR post it to Instagram and tag #kopialinefeaturepage – you could win yourself a FREE BOOK.

Use Coupon Code featurepage at checkout for 50% off!

What is Kopiography?


Kopiography, an immersive, fun drawing activity that quickly improves your line quality & drawing skills, is the foundation upon which every Köpialine image is built.

It’s defined as the art of using shapes as drawing-guides and it provides an opportunity for everyone to experience the joy of drawing without becoming discouraged by overwhelm, confusion, and information overload. 

The best conversational language-learning programs (like Pimsleur & Rosetta Stone) use repetition, context, and immersion to help you speak, understand, and read new languages quickly and easily.

At the core of Köpialine, you’ll find a similar system that revolves around these same three pillars while you learn the language of shapes, lines, and patterns.

Kopiography Adrienne